Frostad Development Company, LLC. About Us
Todd Frostad, Founder. Todd founded Frostad Development Company, LLC after successfully investing in real estate for 10 years while working as the VP of Sales and Marketing at Digital River which he helped start. The desire was to transform from a residential investor to commercial developer which he did successfully. The company has continued to succeed even through the last market crisis and continues to seek out new projects to work on in cooperation with others or individually. Todd has had many successful carriers and applies his focus and passion to everything he does. Co-Founder of WeatherNation. Data and broadcast weather company with TV viewership of over 30 million households. Co-Creator of RiderX (now RideCommand) Polaris's mobile trail's application and in vehicle navigation systems. Todd is married to his wife Tricia of 20 years and is a father of two teenagers at Minnetonka High School. 612-280-0912